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by Kevin
2014-08-07, 12:53
Forum: Z Games on GoG and Steam
Topic: Z Release on GOG
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Re: Z Release on GOG

I've played the iOS version. Does the GOG version contain the same bugs the iOS version has? General bugs: -When I order my robots to attack, the lead robot will just walk toward the target. -Toughs and Pyros can't destroy buildings or bridges. -Sometimes my robots can't enter an APC. -Sometimes poo...
by Kevin
2006-08-21, 06:22
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: What do you think are the hardest levels?
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20 Z. It takes a lot of time and willpower to master it. :idiot:
by Kevin
2006-08-21, 06:02
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: poll for units
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Pyros. Burn,baby,burn! :idiot: They are quite intelligent, they can burn building and bridges, they shoot like no tomorrow with their rate of fire. A pack of these can burn Medium down in NO time. :idiot: Lasers are good, too. But I prefer Pyros since they're cheaper so it's more easy to mass-produc...
by Kevin
2006-08-21, 05:43
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Wich heads looks funniest?
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What's the difference between Pyros and Laser? :idiot:
by Kevin
2006-08-21, 05:28
Forum: Z:2 - A new Sequel
Topic: Your ideas about a sequel
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I think the simplicity of Z should be kept - no resource management, no base builiding, no huge tech trees. Just focus on strategy and tactics, not how many tanks you can build in 5 minutes. I totally agree. You use the art of war to play this game, not resource management skill. You're the one who...
by Kevin
2006-08-21, 04:52
Forum: Z and Z95 FAQ and Support
Topic: Problems druring loading the Levels!
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If you're using DosBox, try copy every files in CD to a specifi directory, my comp,open CD drive, select all, copy and paste in the newly created directory. (In my case, I've created new folder namely c:\z\cd) type "mount d d:\ -t cdrom" w/o quote where d:\ is your Z CD "directory" (In my case, moun...