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by Reitlak
2011-08-01, 18:07
Forum: Z Expansion XP
Topic: ZeXP 1.7b3 PROBLEM / FREEZE
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hey there, sorry for double post in zXP and Z95/Z , but it was supossed to go HERE. So iam using windows 7 and i have Z expansion XP with patch 1.7 , and everytime i beat first mission, the whole computer freezes, i tried it on my notebook and desktop PC aswell, both have same problem, everytime aft...
by Reitlak
2011-08-01, 17:32
Forum: Z and Z95 FAQ and Support
Topic: Z / z95 technical issue !
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Z / z95 technical issue !

Hey there, i use windows 7 and i have zedXP with 1.7b3 patch , the problem is that after i complete first mission, the whole computer stops working and i have to reset the whole computer, any ideas whats wrong with it ? ( iam going to check 1.7 thread now, but i dont think there will be some answer ...