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by Blade_sword
2015-04-10, 11:48
Forum: Z:Steel Soldiers
Topic: Visual Style
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Re: Visual Style

Personally while the original Z is more detailed, I think both are good, the only problem IMO is the fact that the original came in a period where 2D was superior to 3D in terms of general quality and even in the early 2000's the graphics, mostly in RTS weren't very good in 3D. So in conclusion I ap...
by Blade_sword
2015-04-09, 18:31
Forum: Z:2 - A new Sequel
Topic: What new units would YOU like to see?
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Re: What new units would YOU like to see?

I know this is an old thread, but lots of people were suggesting things that were already in the sequel Steel soldiers. If I sum up the units of that sequel since there isn't much info here. Robots - 8 01 Psycho - 1 500 -Basic infantry with machine gun moderate Fov and Range low damage 02 Pyro - 2 0...