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by Danny
2006-10-03, 17:11
Forum: How to get Z or Z95
Topic: I really want Z95, please help out!!!
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There are two copies on E-Bay at the moment.
by Danny
2006-09-22, 21:22
Forum: Z:2 - A new Sequel
Topic: The next Z, what I think what must and could be in:...
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Hi all, C&C Red Alert 2 is a game much like Z and playing this online most nights I have found that many there have the same veiws towards the sequel Generals, it was a not what they wanted, there was even talk of a true sequal on their forum, Red Alert 2 has the same simplicity as Z and is just as ...
by Danny
2006-09-21, 22:10
Forum: Z The Future
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Hi all you Z heads, as stated earlier in this thread I would like to be able to see more of the map on the bigger screen, at the moment that is 23 inch tft, but tempted to go upto the 30 inch. With todays hardware I don't see a problem with that. Limitless units, and more and larger maps to play on!...