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by Popov
2008-04-12, 22:20
Forum: Z:Steel Soldiers
Topic: Visual Style
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Re: Visual Style

voted for "yes". Dunno, maybe it's just because I've been a gamer since mid-nineties ,and can appreciate a good game even if it lacks fancy graphics. Original "Z" , thanks to it's uncommon "visual style" has a soul , something that is simply lovable, as opposed to Z:Steel Soldiers. Don't get me wron...
by Popov
2008-04-11, 18:34
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Any strategy for Z95 extra levels?
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Re: Any strategy for Z95 extra levels?

Insane... at least that's how it looks on the radar map.
by Popov
2008-04-11, 16:41
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Hello Troops, i´m new
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Re: Hello Troops, i´m new

KOMMANDER wrote:Hello from Germany

Am i the only member from Germany??

i´m sorry of my poor english... i will improove soon. :cheers:
Actually, the Germans are quite well represented nation in here, it seems. And don't be sorry for your English, it's easily comprehensible.
by Popov
2008-04-09, 08:50
Forum: How to get Z or Z95
Topic: Where and how
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Re: Where and how

Well, if there is no other way, you may want to try the version SpaceOne put on rapidshare. It's not nearly as satisfying as playing legal "Z" ,but sometimes you have to make compromises... :? works for me.
by Popov
2008-04-04, 19:54
Forum: Z and Z95 FAQ and Support
Topic: Network Play
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Re: Network Play

Didn't want to duplicate topics so I'll just write here. I've got Z95+Antares patch. I tried to launch a multiplayer game using hamachi. I host a game all right, my opponent sees it and joins. Then I choose a map without any problems whatsoever. But after deciding which map I want to own my friend o...
by Popov
2008-04-01, 21:51
Forum: How to get Z or Z95
Topic: Z and Z expansion on
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Re: Z and Z expansion on

Space One - You earned my eternal respect and gratitude, mate. Thanks for the Z95 on rapidshare. cheeeeers ! :cheers:
by Popov
2008-03-29, 20:20
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Welcome to the Forum
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Re: Welcome to the Forum

"Toughs reporting!" :wink: Just wanted to say hello to my fellow zoldiers. I'm amazed that Z community is alive and active! Finished the game several times and I was wondering if it's still possible to find some players on the net. Never actually played online, cause none of my friends were interest...