still looking for z...

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still looking for z...

Post by m4ttatt4ck » 2008-12-26, 22:46

hey guys im 22.... i remember when z dropped i loved it... me and my brother used to stay up all night long playing it... i was about 12 back then. and throughout all these years i still want to play it. the only thing is my father has moved twice since then and i no longer can find the disk. i have downloaded several z95 copys but they are in spanish... and the dos version i downloaded had faulty video as i worked on fixing the video i made so i cant play at all... :cry:

i would really appreciate if anyone could help me find a working copy,
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Re: still looking for z...

Post by Z3r05t4r » 2008-12-27, 15:27

dudes i have found Z, a version on a site which also runs under XP. the language is english but you have got no sound (because its modified). its downloadable here
in a Rar-file. i checked it, the file is virusfree. wish you a nice time with the game.
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Re: still looking for z...

Post by heavyweather » 2008-12-30, 05:20

Here is a working game
10MB Rar including Dos Box...
everything is configured and works fine for me in Vista and XP.
Network games work.

when you search for "z bitmap" on pi*a*b*y...

I got the original Z but this includes the DosBox and IPX setup...
The torrent
(3.72 KiB) Downloaded 401 times
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