Your ideas about a sequel

Post your comments, ideas and suggestions about a new Z sequel here.

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Post by schildje » 2005-07-09, 12:46

My ideas for a new Z

- keep it 2D, everyone goes 3D these times and it just won't feel Z anymore
- keep the sounds !!!
- make it run a little bit smoother, being able to adjust game speed would be nice
- some new units: like transport helicopters and some new battle helicopters/airplanes every unit should be able to fire at air-units
- a clear manual that shows the range that each unit can fire + the abilities (armor,...)
- a skirmish mode where it is possible to set how many enemies you want, if you want to team up with some computers AND where it is possible to adjust the difficulty and where it is possible to set the technology (meaning what advanced units you can build)

These are just some ideas
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Post by commander » 2005-07-13, 10:22

My idea:
- Full 3D (state-of-the-art)!
- Controlable units and turrets in 3rd person (in squads you are the squad leader in vehicles you control the whole vehicle)
- Same sounds but in mutch higher quality
- Same gameplay as the real Z!
- No air units but water units are ok, just keep the battle on the ground and in the water!
- Same humor in the clibs between missions!
- No base building, that is to much standart RTS stuf, keep it as in the real Z: buildings are already standing on the map.
- Bigger maps and more units than 50 (maybe 1 planet 1 map so there are plenty more territory's, so there can be more strategy)
- Infantrie robots in squads again (with squad tactics)!
- Vehicles more artillery and more types of tanks (ion cannon, explosives, smal nukes :twisted: )
- Boats: battleships, cruisers, subs, hovercrafts (transport) and gunboats!
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Post by destination6 » 2005-07-28, 12:03

i dont think any game developer who wants a competetive game nowadays will make it in 2d

so my wish list:

- 3d BUT it should look like original Z, same robot style etc. (i dont think thats impossible, DoW has a pretty cool style too)

- fixed perspective, like in "Z" (optional zoom and rotatable, but default fix)

- no base building (Z:SS was no fun :/ - it destroyed the uniqueness of the game, the one reason why i bought the original "Z")

- same units + some new ones (i'm not sure about air/sea units)

- please dont make the mistake of introducing other "races" or, destroys the cool "there-are-only-robots"-atmosphere imo

- same humor in cutscenes and ingame (brad and allen bathing in the sun etc.)

these are the most important things for me


- map editor

- units can pick up other weapons (like grenades in "Z" - maybe 2 handed ;)), e.g. the weapon from a dead sniper robot, but the damage or accuracy should be reduced if its not the matching robot for this weapon (otherwise its too much imo, even then i'm unsure on that point)

whole game concept should stay original "Z"
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Post by Klaflefalumpf » 2005-07-28, 13:16

A map editor would be awesome, and as for the picking up of weapons I'm not all to convinced it would work althogh robots do have stats that effect accuracy. And as for a new robot type, how about driver?
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Post by Sick Puppy » 2006-03-10, 12:37

Hi people, just wanted to say that Z was the only game I ever purchased- got it as a demo and never looked back!

Finally bought a decent laptop (Win 95 PC died years ago) and found to my horror that Z didn't work!

Gave Z:SS a crack, and it seemed like a knockoff of C & C, so I took it back. Tried Z with DOSBox and failed- have neither the knowhow or the patience- so am now considering trying to resurrect my old PC.

Love the idea of a proper sequel, and while I agree with destination 6 that there is no money in 2D, for Z it's the only way to go. Having said that, why not give the option of either view- or is that too difficult for developers? (I'm a newbie, so don't flame me too bad if it's a dumb suggestion! :mrgreen: ).

Sea units sound cool, and like the idea of Air units, but are they more trouble than they are worth? Love the idea of jet packs though... and how about some form of satellite bombardment like in syndicate- now that would be cool!

How about a few plot twists, e.g. the introduction a third robot corporation with the same objectives a la Matthew Reilly? Or throw in a few monsters just to mix things up a little? Imagine having to unite with the enemy to kill a few roving sea monsters etc... or even better still, having one inadvertently help a team by destroying a factory! :)

How about an EMP weapon that temporarily paralyses all soldiers for a minute until their systems reboot (unless it's around a base- that would make it too easy).

I dunno, just some ideas I pulled outta my butt in the middle of the night...
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Post by The_Drummer » 2006-06-11, 11:40

I think the simplicity of Z should be kept - no resource management, no base builiding, no huge tech trees. Just focus on strategy and tactics, not how many tanks you can build in 5 minutes.
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Post by CHYROS » 2006-07-22, 19:55

For a sequel I'd suggest sea units, but not aerial ones. I have a feeling they would ruin the entire strategic aspect of the game. In Z, one of the more important parts was a good infrastructure. The Z levels Swamp Fever and Restoration learned us that in particular. As air units don't care about water, roads or other obstacles, I'd think it'd be too easy to use them (anyone who bothered to play Z:SS until they got air units confirm this please?), and it'd be too much trouble defending you territories aginst them (you'd have to make all those stupid anti-air units that everyone hates).

I think sea units would be good, because they could expand the borders of the game considerably. I don't think the age of empire-type maps (meaning two islands with a huge sea in between) would suit Z much, but big lakes would suit the game very well (like the sea at "the Wall", but much much bigger). I think sea units would be best if they were not mandatory in a level (so you'd be able to complete a level with tanks as well), but that they can provide significant advantages. I think tank-to-ship battles should NOT be the order of the day though. I'd like to add that I wouldn't mind a Z2 without sea units; the game concept is good enough as it is.

3d is most certainly NOT required I'd say. What I WOULD think the game can use is a rotatable camera (even if it's in steps of 90 or even 180 degrees). This because it might be difficult to see certain units.

A better combat support system or better AI for units would be very welcome. For me, many battles nowadays come down to having your tank's barrel positioned better than your opponents', making more of those "miracle evasions", driving on better terrain and making more "surprise hits". Addressing this would be welcome.

Though map designs for Z were quite astonishing, some maps included tiny mistakes. The AI would sometimes leave some territories completely undefended, nor would it take them back if you got them (Sooty Bolts contains a well-known example of this). Other maps were too dependant upon certain opening battles (for example Light Brigade; where'd you be if you lost the Heavy Tank battle in the middle road?). Correcting those issues would make the game less linear.

On the other hand, some interface aspects should most certainly NOT be changed. The command system, which allows you to select and re-select groups without using the ctrl key, is handy, as well as the use of the space bar, which can conjure up the command for the last unit you selected. I have yet to find an RTS which includes this tiny but very useful last feature.

Just my two cents :)
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Post by ZkroTo » 2006-08-02, 05:22

My idea about graphics is based on Warcraft 3. Z may be 3D as Warcraft 3 is for Warcraft 2. 3D enviroment for Z heavy inspired in the original Z may be nice!! Rotation of camera must be optional but the default must be birdeye.
The truth strengh of Z was their gameplay and their REAL strategy aspect. Thus, collecting resources or building specific structures MUST BE unnecessary.
It is possible that the AI take advantage of the 3D terrain? For example, units defending hills and take out enemy units in the valley? Destroing bridges? and so on?
I not agree with the air units, but missions with several objetives may be fun.
Robots in squads!!! Vehicles and guns with a driver!!! (and we can shut them!!!). Videos inter-missions in the original Z scheme.
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Post by Kevin » 2006-08-21, 05:28

The_Drummer wrote:I think the simplicity of Z should be kept - no resource management, no base builiding, no huge tech trees. Just focus on strategy and tactics, not how many tanks you can build in 5 minutes.
I totally agree. You use the art of war to play this game, not resource management skill. You're the one who set formation for your army, tell them when and where to make the enemies die for their country and make a decisive assault. A general doesn't count money when he's in the battlefield. :idiot:

Do not let the Z:SS history repeat itself again (sigh):idiot:

Oh,sorry. I didn't mean to tell that Z:SS was bad. It's quite good but it's not like what we ,uh, I, expected from it when they were released. :idiot:
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Post by commander » 2006-08-24, 18:37

The 3D thing in the next Z must be like the original Z, portet to the, to say a next gen engine, C&C 3 engine. What I mean is, look ad the original Z, and put that in the next Z engine! So it looks the same but in next gen 3D graphics!

When do we get more info on the XP version and the NEXT Z? :lazy:
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Post by d3vilsadvocate » 2006-08-28, 00:01

definitely no real 3d engine, coz that is what I think ruined Z SS

The idea of Z2 being like WC3 compared to WC2 is good imo. It's a 3d engine, yeah, but one that doesnt require u to rotate or zoom like mad.

Look at some older games like Monkey Island 3 and then compare them graphics wise to Runaway 1 or the upcoming Runaway 2. I think the sprites and graphics in Z2 should basically stay the same, but with higher resolution and more detail.
but WC3-like graphics sounds good, as long as the game feels like Z!

as far as the rest is concerned I dont think that much hast to be changed. No air units, maybe 1 or 2 new ground units and thats it. A good balance, a few tricky maps and we're all happy
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Post by LOBO91 » 2007-01-11, 00:56

I have some ideas, hopefully they are some good ones here too. Hope im not sounding like a recap or something. o.o;

1) Try to keep it 2D thank you! If not possible, then make the rotation and zooming optional and fix the camera as someone above said.

1a) Keep the classic style on the robots if the games goes 3D! Because it will keep the atmosphere im sure. :P

2) No way you allow base building! Keep it vanilla Z (buildings and bridges are destroyable and repairable).

3) Keep old units and introduce new ones if possible.
3a) Air and Sea units could be introduced, but I dont know if that would ruin the Z atmosphere. But on the other hand they have spaceships to travel in so why woldn't it be possible, eh? ^^;;

4) Speaking of space, make a space zone too! Like fighting on the moon?

5) The robots come in squads, right? Perhaps you could change the number of units in a squad, however it should affect production time aswell. More units in squad = increased production time. Less units in a squad = descreased production time. Minimum should be 2 and maximum should be 12 or 24 (That would be the size of a Platoon)

6) It would be cool if sometimes Zod gives you a harsh bark when you lose or a goddamn gratitude when you win. ^__^ Zod for teh win!

7) **OPTIONAL** When you start a campaign, you may create your own hero unit that represents you and you can choose to be any of the robot types introduced in the game. However you are alone, but one tough guy with some special tactics in mind and some sly tricks up your sleeve. He is good when you have a large group of robots/vehicles with him. He is good on his own against few enemy numbers, but he wont last forever though. He can enter any vehicle and exit it at any time (perhaps by clicking the vehicle itself or assign a key for that action). If his energy bar goes zero, he teleports out and wont be available for the rest of the mission (taking alot of damage takes alot of time to repair too I guess).

7a) Over the course of the Campaign, your hero is ranked depending on the average rank through the campaign (like Warlord if you are really good all the time or Private if you suck, which I doubt you do! ;P). It does nothing special, but I thought it would be cool, sorta. ^^;

7b) Perhaps the Hero has a class of sorts, divided up into departments such as Marksman, Commando, Sharpshooter, Demolitions and so on.

8 ) Limit of 50 sounds good, but it would be fun to play some really epic-scale combat missions. Perhaps you can play a skirmish mission that allows a maximum of....say 300 units or so?

9) In multiplayer and skirmish games, perhaps we could allow maximum of 8, 10 or 12 players to play against each other.

10) Dunno if this will raise pitchforks and torches but.... I wonder if female soldiers would be doable? *Hides behind a solid rock!*

11) Let Commander Zod come in and kick some ass now and then, especially when you are winning! Again he rocks! ^_^

12) Perhaps you can build a static bunker that can house 1-3 squads of robots within that can be killed by bullets (Psychos, Snipers, Jeeps and ect.) and is capturable when empty. It can be varying in size, but larger it is, more time it takes to build. IMO*, these static bunkers should be considered as Guns and take a gun slot. A newly built Bunker comes with a squad of grunts in it.

12a) Also, you could de-garrison the bunker if you want to replace the troops within with better ones or to change tactics. ;)

12b) While we talk about guns... Elevate the maximum admount of guns per territory up to 6 or 8 perhaps? No change in production time.

* "In my opinion" for those who dont know already.
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Re: Your ideas about a sequel

Post by uraui » 2008-02-07, 22:09

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Re: Your ideas about a sequel

Post by Zod » 2008-02-09, 01:11

Yeah, that seems to be true, unfortunately. But who knows?
Also, maybe X-Strategy grabs some of those ideas...
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Re: Your ideas about a sequel

Post by commander » 2008-02-12, 13:13

Yeah I really can't wait for the X-Strategy game 8)

I really hope it takes some of those ideas. And sticks most to the Z (95) game

The only thing I can say to X-S keep up the good work :cheers:
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