Editor for Windows Vista 32/64

Post questions and issues for Antares' Z Expansion XP patch here. This comfortable launcher allows to play Z Expansion in W2K/XP/Vista.

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Editor for Windows Vista 32/64

Post by pjtr » 2009-05-27, 19:42

Hi there,

is there any chance to run the editor under Windows 32/64 bit? Until now, I have only managed to run it under Windows 2000.

It seems there are some tricks regarding the color palette..

Any tricks?


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Re: Editor for Windows Vista 32/64

Post by Meeky » 2009-05-30, 10:00

Have you tried my ZEditor mod at this topic:
ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)?
Is it does not run at all or just colors are scrambled?
Unfortunately I have not Vista intalled, but if you'll be more specific I could fix it :)
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