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Visual Style

Posted: 2008-04-12, 18:59
by OloneDat
Don't know what to say...

Please post why do you think so.

And... Sorry for my "Worse english" trait.

Re: Visual Style

Posted: 2008-04-12, 22:20
by Popov
voted for "yes". Dunno, maybe it's just because I've been a gamer since mid-nineties ,and can appreciate a good game even if it lacks fancy graphics. Original "Z" , thanks to it's uncommon "visual style" has a soul , something that is simply lovable, as opposed to Z:Steel Soldiers. Don't get me wrong , the sequel doesn't look bad, it's just... nothing out of ordinary.

Re: Visual Style

Posted: 2008-04-13, 10:20
by BallWin
Huge mistake to use comics instead of videorollers. The answer - "yes".

Re: Visual Style

Posted: 2008-04-13, 12:57
Don't know where to start, really. I think Z looked much better than Z:SS for the following reasons:

-graphics were razor sharp; no blurry graphics; lots of details instead of just a bland background with near-invisible people on it, etc. Only the first game did the reputation of the Bitmap Brothers justice.
-cartoony graphics = FAIL
-vehicles, factories, even territory flags, all look like shapeless blobs in Z:SS. In Z the tanks were nice and cute but still menacing, factories were actually factories, and flags were actually flags.
-levels in Z looked very detailed; swamps, chasms, rivers, trees (well "trees"), animals, it looked pretty realistic actually. In Z:SS every landscape was practically empty.

But the worst was Z:SS' new gameplay though. It killed everything that was original in Z.

Re: Visual Style

Posted: 2015-04-10, 11:48
by Blade_sword
Personally while the original Z is more detailed, I think both are good, the only problem IMO is the fact that the original came in a period where 2D was superior to 3D in terms of general quality and even in the early 2000's the graphics, mostly in RTS weren't very good in 3D.
So in conclusion I appreciate both games in that area.
Though in the 90's I was more an action game player, mostly FPS from the mid 90's so yeah I got steel soldiers before the original Z.