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Z: Steel Soldiers - strange quirk with the English version

Posted: 2014-06-29, 00:02
by plib

I have got both the German and the English version of ‘Z: Steel Soldiers’ (the German retail version published at the time as well as the English Sold Out budget version – and as far as the latter is concerned, my experience has been decidedly weird). When I launch the English version (properly installed and the most recent official patch (also on the CD) applied), you can play a level. However, if you complete it successfully and then press ‘continue’, the game crashes – all that is left then is to press Ctrl-Alt-Tab and reboot. The same happens if you have the impertinence to quit – be it to the main menu or the system. However, if I install the German version you can play the level you want and you can press ‘continue’ afterwards or quit to either the main menu or system without the game crashing.

After some experimenting, I finally found a way around the problem. This is what I did:

1) Install the English version and apply the most recent patch.
2) Configure the game as desired.
3) Copy the directory of the English version to another directory of choice.
4) Uninstall the English version, delete the directory (while of course not deleting the copy), and cleanse the Windows registry of any reference to the English version.
5) Install the German version and apply the most recent patch. Configure as desired.
6) Copy the z2.exe file from the German version to the bin directory of the copy of the English version.
7) Run zsetup.exe in the directory of the copy of the English version. (This is important because otherwise z2.exe might complain that it cannot find a graphics card!) Configure the resolution and colour depth as desired.
8 ) Now put the CD of the German version into the drive and launch z2.exe.
9) Once the game has loaded, replace the CD with that of the English version.
10) Start a level and play.
11) Now you will find that you can actually press ‘continue’ once you have completed a level or quit to either the main menu or system without the game crashing.

I am running both under Win 8.1 64bit - without any compatibility or administrator mode (as in Win 7 (WinXP compatibility mode)) - if you do, things go haywire!

The thing I would like to know is whether my aforementioned problems with the English version were the fault of Sold Out (when you install their English version and launch the game you do not get the Z: Steel Soldiers CD loading screen but instead a Sold Out graphics loading screen (before you get to the main menu of the game) – something that made me feel rather suspicious...) or whether these problems really were caused by an actual quirk in the English version.