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Z: Steel Soldiers cheats

Posted: 2014-06-29, 01:11
by plib

One thing I do not like about Z: Steel Soldiers (1.41 Beta 2, both German & English) is the fact that the game cheats (as far as I remember, Z did not - at least not that blatantly obviously!). For example, play campaign mission No. 1, then build enough psychos so that you can destroy the computer's robot factory in the top right sector and then move your other group up to the computer's HQ. "Take care" of the blue forces and be amazed. Even if you scatter your folks afterwards so that you can see everything and know that he definitely has not built another robot factory anywhere else you will find little blue robots literally materialising out of thin air - sometimes even within your line of sight - and often in groups of four (if you scatter too much, you are in for a bloody, o.k. oily nose...). Apart from that, I have also seen construction robots built by the computer while his HQ was being shot to pieces towards the end of a level, who were 'immortal' - no matter how many of my robots (e.g. 20) shot at them, the health bar would stay at the maximum - normally, any construction robot being shot at by that many robots would only last about a couple of seconds...