How to host a dedicated Dosbox server

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Re: How to host a dedicated Dosbox server

Post by mynah » 2009-08-30, 10:28

Zen wrote:Thank you Adam for finally posting a description. It is really easy to do this stuff. But I think so far nobody understands what it is good for :mrgreen:

This little application allows us to play Z (probably also Z95) multiplayer internet games without the help of Hamachi! It is no more required to do "ipxnet startserver". Using this programm makes it possible to play with other OSes, meaning Linux (tested this already) and probably also Mac OS X (if dosbox can do ipx on it). But the best fact: pings are much lower compared to hamachi. When I was server me and Adam hat a ping around 80ms and the Z game play was fluid like playing against the computer enemy. Fantastic. Hopefully we can now play with players in distant countries and maybe 3 and 4 player games are finallyen joyable!

I will post a tutorial with pictures or a screencapture video next week or so. I would be glad if somebody from a foreign country contacts me just to check what ping we can get. (Russia, Australia, Mexico or so..) Just write me a PN or have a chat with me in ICQ/Jabber

Thank you!

Edit: forgot to mention: Adam/NetmechRevival lives in Ireland, I live in Germany.
My problem is "forward port" since i'm in a LAN.Firslty, whether it's means port mapping,if it is,which ports and protocol are need for game Z.Thanks!
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Re: How to host a dedicated Dosbox server

Post by Ulfar » 2009-11-13, 00:35

please write how to play Z95 using this programme maybe some screenshots?
please help i realy wan to play it online and i failed to do so on hamachi :(
Please respond... :(
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