Mkun's multiplayer question

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Mkun's multiplayer question

Post by Mkun » 2008-05-02, 08:04


Firstly i would like to thank you for enabling me to play this game again like from the old days! Without your post and effort i would still be unable to play Z :( . Everything works fine (even the sound ^^). But i wanted to ask you if there is any possibility of playing Z via net with people. I'm asking because I already completed single player content and would like to experience some action with other players:)

PS: You guys are real freaks of Z... I gotta love you :D
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Re: This is how I got Z (not z95) to work on XP

Post by Popov » 2008-05-02, 13:27

Welcome aboard. I'm not very experienced in playing Z over the net, but if you're looking for someone to practise with, contact me by:
->AQQ messenger 5858867
->gg messenger 3113189 <preferable>
->or just pm me

and it seems it's not the right topic do be discussing it ; P If you have any questions regarding how to set up a hamachi network,or something, post them in a proper place.

pozdrawiam :]
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Re: Mkun's multiplayer question

Post by CHYROS » 2008-05-02, 18:24

Welcome to the forum, Mkun! :cheers:

Popov is right - your question falls outside the topic you posted it in, so I split it from that topic into this new topic. If you have technical problems setting up a multiplayer match, feel free to ask them in this topic. If you don't know how to set up a multiplayer match at all, look through the technical issues forum on how to do it (there are multiple ways). If you're looking for people to play Z online with, look here.
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