Z and Windows 7

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Z and Windows 7

Post by Jarzka » 2009-08-19, 16:45


It seems Z doesn't work on Windows 7. I tried to run the game with DOSBox but it says that audio hardware doesn't found (and also some file is missing).

Windows XP fixed version gives some C++ error and crashes.

Any idea what to do?

EDIT: Hmm, I haven't tested this:
Let's see if it works.

Re: Z and Windows 7

Post by Jarzka » 2009-08-19, 18:28

No, winz gives the following error message:

EDIT: If I press Ohita (skip) the game starts but colors are very mad :S
EDIT 2: Okay, I installed the game from setup_zexp.exe and now it works :) Also if I open Display Properties windows before playing the colors work too.
EDIT 3: Why some menu texts are in german?
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Re: Z and Windows 7

Post by RavenTS » 2009-08-30, 10:14

Another solution could be the WindowsXP-Mode (Virtual OS) available for Windows7...
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