Installed fine on one PC now German on my Laptop

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Installed fine on one PC now German on my Laptop

Post by CrazyTimeChris » 2010-03-14, 19:15

Hi Guys,

Firstly, I think this forum is excellent! The wealth of knowledge here is awesome! I would never have gotten this game working wthout you!


It installed fine on one pc - a desktop running XP. Great. My dad is happy now. Anyway I have had some troubles with my laptop. Im running a macbook with bootcamped windows 7. The game did install fine but the graphics have been "interesting" Pixelating on all the videos and very unpredictable during gameplay.

I tried Meeky's winZmod and all it did was make everything smaller but not change this. After reading through the forum I kind of gathered it was something to do with windows 7 as aposed do my macbook chipset, so I installed windows XP instead of windows 7 just to try. It installed fine, and the gameplay is excellent now. The only thing is, all of the menus are in german now!

When it was installed in windows 7 the menus were all in English, and currently on my other computer they are English too but for some reason on my laptop, they are German.

Is there any mod I can use instead of the one I am using to change this?

Thank you for all your help (in advance)

Oh and if anybody is interested I am always up for a Multiplayer chalenge!
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