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Cheat plugin

Post by Meeky » 2009-06-09, 21:04

Hi, guys!
For those of you who thinks that Z is a though game for you I created cheating plugin. For now, it makes only one thing - it enables selecting enemy units :!:
Try it, but don't imagine that victory is yours! :lol:

To make it work download the archive, extract it to the game directory where resides WinZ.exe and finally run WinZMod.exe file.
Essentially, package contains
1) Z loader (WinZMod.exe)
2) Antares "Z Expansion" patch version 1.7 Beta3 (zexp17b3.upm)
3) my cheat plugin.

Have fun! :)

Download link:

P.S.When running WinZMod.exe, you can specify all command line parameters supported by Antares "Z Expansion" patch. Just to remind them to you:
  • /w3d - windowed mode (in case you don't like Fullscreen mode)
    /dos - emulation of DOS version game
    /vga - activation of VGA resolution
    /dbg - debug output (to facilitate error detection)
WinZMod - mod for playing Z with high screen resolution
ZEdMod - ZEditor mod allowing to edit single player levels
ZGFX - Utility for extracting Z graphic
ZStats - Small utility for fine-tuning unit statistics
Z-Remake - XNA project on 2D IceCream Engine
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Re: Cheat plugin

Post by Daniel-T » 2009-11-03, 19:24

nice i will give em a try.. must be funny to play with the enemy units^^
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