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SnowballZ : open source Zed Remake

Post by Eastwind » 2009-12-14, 02:35

Hi fanZ,

I just upload a video on youtube where there is a proof of concept that sprite extracted from Zed can directly run inside SnowballZ open engine and it s greatly fit in . It s based on the last version of Snowballz egine ( devel version 0.9.6 ) Take a look at :

with volcanic music
high resolution (1024x768) video here :

There is also the map editor :
You can download high resolution (1024x768) video here :

with Snowballz music

We now have a good engine to work with , But there is still a long way to the road of a fully open source Z .

How to test it with Z graphic ?

If you are on Windows XP / Vista , download binary here : , after installation ,replace the data folder that is inside Snowballz directory by the one that inside this file

if you are GNU/Linux users , first install snowballz with the official repo , (it ll install all the needed dependency ) , then download the last version source from : , replace the data folder by the one inside archive

Download file here :

What is SnowballZ ?

Actually Snowballz is a game with a python engine fully open source with GPL 2 licence , I used the last version I get from bit bucket (seems a mercurial repo) :

Snowballz engine is a top-bottom view , exactly fit the point of view of Z because it s not isometric ( see viewtopic.php?f=5&t=280%20 ) . You can also see there is a river that flow all along , snowballz use somewhat OpenGL for managing the map , the environnement detail (the snowing) , the object (river .. ) , and the rabbyt package use snowballz for manage the move of the object (penguin )

What language use Snowballz ?

It s in python language , python is one of the simpliest language ever , and operating system independant (so can run on Windows , Mac os X , Linux ) , if you know C or C++ or other language , then python is just a piece of cake for you ( take a look at the wikipedia page ... _language)
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