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ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-28, 08:59
by Zod
Hi all,

I apologize for the inconveniences while the ZZone was not available to you in the last few days. Hackers have destroyed portions of my webspace, including the ZZone. That was tachnically smart, but also pretty stupid in many other ways I think :idiot: . The hacker's signature referred to the Taliban.

Here is a portion of the text I posted on the ZZone home page:
I was way pissed aboutt the recent attacks on our webspace. I have never done anybody any harm, I have nothing against any religion, race or person and I am a peace loving man. I am still trying to understand what benefit or satisfaction it gives to somebody destroying the hard work of others. The only challenge I can spot is breaking into another system. Bbut destroying it is a totlally different story.

The hackers signature referred to a certain group of people, known to be the former controlling power in Afghanistan. If that is so, the only thing they have achieved is that they are now even more disrespected. What good was that for, I wonder.

I would like to get your opinion on what you think about theses hackers and their "success".

Best regards,

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-28, 14:47
I think it is a cowardly, subversive attack without benefit to anybody - pure childishness. Period.

That said, another forum I am member of was hacked by hackers who claimed they were Arab a year or so ago, so the problem isn't unfamiliar to me. If they are, I think they are destroying the reputation of countries who don't deserve that.

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-29, 02:39
by Ravey
I hope the gallery on the main site will be back up too...

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-29, 06:36
by Zod
Hi guys,
I have recovered most of the site. I am still working on the little things... Gallery is one of them.
Best regards,

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-30, 01:55
by Zod
I think I've done it. Please check the main site. Gallery should be up and even better now.
..out for a few beers now... :cheers:
Best regards,

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-30, 12:25
by Zen
Aaaaah :) the forum is back again. Nice! I like the new forum style. Looks much better!! :cheers: But my avatar is lost :(
The hackers signature referred to a certain group of people, known to be the former controlling power in Afghanistan.
Do you really believe that? :mrgreen:

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-30, 23:18
by Zod
Hi Zen,

yes, I am sorry, a few custom avatars got lost. Please go to your User Control Panel, select Profile on the left, then Edit Avatar, and upload again.

Best regards,

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2007-12-31, 13:30
by Eastwind
Without real proof , we can't say nothing about the black hat hackers , the signature mean nothing , they can write everything about everything . Maybe their intend is to give disrespect to who they pretend to be .. in this case it s not who they are , but who they are not , and who they hate ...

I also seen other open source games website hacked by some black hat pretend to be talibans , but that still doesn't mean they are the talliban pretended (I don't defend talibans ) Maybe need to know who benefit this attack ? .. I would like to be angry against them , but if i feel angry i will play their game , I prefer not enter to their play , so i pretend know nothing , and don't become angry so their aim isn't reached

I really happy that our webmaster get back a lot of all hardwork done here ...

ps :the good side is now we know , we feel how important is backup copy ...

support to you and still happy new year everybody

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2008-01-06, 21:30
by BallWin
To present one's condolences to Zod :(

Trojan.DOS.Nutal («Kaspersky Lab») also is known both: Trojan.Nutal («Kaspersky Lab»), QDel157 (McAfee), Trojan.Taliban (Symantec), Troj/Qdel157 (Sophos), Trojan:Taliban (RAV), TROJ_TALIBAN.A (Trend Micro), QDel157-Nutal (ALWIL), Trojan.Taliban.A (SOFTWIN), Univ.IS (Panda), Nutal.A (Eset)
(full -- ... usid=33994)

Hackers mentality
original (rus) ... =156686348
The author (the Russian text): Kaspersky

Hacker -- this term was once used to describe a clever programmer. In recent years, this term has been applied to those who exploit security vulnerabilities to try and break into a computer system. Originally, those who break into computer systems (for malicious purposes or as a challenge) were known as ‘crackers’.

Why the people make a computers breaking and entering? Many consider, what the reasons are similar to the answer to a question «why the people are engaged in mountain climbing?» — It is simple because on light there are computers. Others declare, that hackering helps to improve safety of computer systems, involving(attracting) attention to existing in them vulnerability. At last, most popular today explanation hackering — For achievement of the purposes criminal.

But irrespective of the reason, while there are computers, will be and hackers — «White», «grey» and «black». And as it is impossible to foresee, to what attack («showing curiosity» or «dangerous») your computer will undergo, it is necessary to prepare for worse.

The conclusive fact today consists that somebody necessarily will check up by the automatic scanner vulnerabilitys connected to Internet the computer in searches of a way «inside». It can be as simply be curious, and «white hacker», checking as far as your computer is protected. In usual life you would like, that strangers checked, whether are closed your house, the machine, and if is not present, would come inside, looked round, touched things and leaving left a slip: «Hi, here there was I, your door was open, but do not pay on me of attention and, by the way, repair the lock». Hardly to you wants, that something similar happened and with your computer. Also there are no justifications to similar penetration.

Criminal hackering it is even worse. We admit, that in the real world somebody break in your apartment, disconnects the signal system, steals something or establishes overhearing, peeping devices in rooms. If there is something similar, you call in police, they examine an apartment, make the protocol, and it is necessary only to wait, while the thieves will not catch. In the computer world such — Rare luxury. The criminal can ??????? the confidential information from your computer from an own villa on other party of a planet, has got of sunburn about the pool constructed on stolen money. In business the world, set of large corporations prefer to not inform at all cases of breaking of their computer networks from reasons of protection of corporate image. All this means, that the computer crimes frequently remain unpunished.

One more motivation hackers can be usual hooliganism, «digital graphiti», briefly characterized as breaking of system with the purpose of drawing any damage. «Deface» websites are one of the most popular forms digital graphiti; some hackers of group even specialize extremely on such breakings. As well as in the usual, not cybernetic world, catch of such hooligans is rather difficult task, the expenses on which always surpass feedback.

What were his reasons, whether it be «to help by another», «to improve safety», «like a hooligan» or «to make a crime», the phenomenon hackering strongly has taken roots in the computer world and, most likely, already never completely will not disappear. In dark corners cyberspace will be always hidden intellectually underdeveloped individuals, self-proclaimed «Robins Hoods» and usual criminals.

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2008-01-11, 13:01
by RavenTS
I do comletely agree with Eastwind and have to say the new style looks really good! Just forget about it and do regularly backups for the case getting hacked again...

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2008-01-19, 16:27
by XStrategy
thank you dear Zod for restoring the site and keeping our community alive on this great forum and zzone space! Your work is much appreciated by all members!

Zod shots the hackers and pirates :empty:

Re: ZZone Hacked

Posted: 2008-01-21, 23:11
by Loknar
Sorry to hear about the hacking incident! You did an excellent job at restoring the site, though. Was it not for your announcement, i doubt i would have noticed that anything was amiss.