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Posted: 2007-03-08, 17:54
by lil' T
I know this thread is old but anyway I basically agree with what the above poster said. :cheers:

I finally found this great community of players that still love Z as I do and I'm very surprised at the activity. There are plenty of forum members here and several projects are still going on. This is a clear proof that Z never ever gets outdated and even today it is great fun to play.

Greetz, lil' T :D

Posted: 2007-03-08, 19:49
Well, welcome to the forum! Indeed, there is plenty of activity, and we get new members very rapidly nowadays, and it's rarely quiet for long here. So take a seat and grab a :f :f :f :cheers: !

Posted: 2007-03-08, 21:55
by buman
yeah KRDZ , but don?t ever shake the drinks Chyros gave ya :shake:

Welcome to the forums , hope you?ll be more active than the guy sayin that before in this thread (see: 3 posts :lol: ) .
It?s still nice to see some other german "cellarchildren" in here^^

(sth german: Die Leute hier sind alle total OK , Zfreaks halt. Und man lernt wirklich Leute von ?berall aufer Welt kennen ;)

If you?re interested , I?m still interested in increasing the Z multiplayer community.