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I'm a Fanatic. ^^

Post by lumina » 2007-06-28, 04:12

Well I'm crazy about the Universal Century, the best SciFi Saga of all times spaning nearly 200 episodes and about a dozen movies now. Of verious Short series, and long series about the Universal Century age. The conflicts between Earth and it's future colonies.

The first robot animation which the robots were not godly super heros or things that had their own mind. Mecha on Gundam were truely modern, for one reason, they were weapons of war, the first TV show to ever show robots as mass produced piloted weapons of war, and nothing more special than that.

Another first, was the way the story was told. Most shows of the time always viewed the world as Black or White. Gundam did something different, allowed people to view war from more than just one side, seeing enemies facing the main characters, enemies you couldn't hate, enemies who if in another life could easily be friends with those you spend watching on the series. In fact Gundam has characters throughout their lives like Char and Amuro who at one point were enemies, then allies, then later in the Universal Century enemies again. And in the Universal Century Gundams were not Gods, but icons and symbles of the might of the Earth Federation Government military, as the Zaku was for the colonies under the Contral of Zeon.

I remember the English translation Director for the F91 movie which was the last install ment to the old Universal Century Timeline. He said something similar to this, that the movie shows viewers more than just one view of the world, one fascist, one democratic, the plus sides of both, and the negatives of both, characters on all sides who you could relate to, and those on both sides you could hate, but in the end, you kind of don't know which side is truely good or not, but just seeing the characters doing what they believed was right whether it was or not. That examples a lot in the Gundam worl. Time and time again you find yourself sometimes wishing that this person didn't die, or cry for someone who was considered a villian at one point but in the end you just couldn't view them as such.

I leave everyone with this sad moment of Gundam 0083 the year Univesal Century 0083 the Delaz Fleet uprising, and Operation StarDust, the end of the Delaz fleet. Final Charge of the Delaz fleet. Though droping a space colony on Earth causing mass destruction to North America this scene just made me cry because the people they were fighting against were not much better than they were, in how they acted during the small war of 0083. These soldiers fought a battle against near impossible odds vs the Earth Federation Fleet, Zeon lost the war 3 years ago and this small fleet under the Command of Delaz was so small compared to the Federation Fleet which continued the grow even after the war. But yet despite the odds successfully counters the Federaton at every turn and out fought them, and successfully pulled off the opersation they were doing, but in the end it nearly cost the whole Fleet.

Favorite line in that clip is the other Zeon Fleet the Axis Fleet which is Neutral, when he says "I want you to decide at your own Free will" As he speaks to his fleet when they leave the battle zone. They came to recover Delaz fleet soldiers who were injured during the battle, the Federation Fleet allowed them to do so to a mild degree but at that point the Federation Fleet told them they had to leave. He told them at their Free Will to his fleet bascially, to leave with the capital ship of the fleet or stay and face the Federation fleet in one last attempt to save the Remaining Delaz fleet soldiers. So he never gave them a direct order to Retreat, those ships that wanted to stay to help could if their crews and the captain wished so.
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