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Tribute to Z

Posted: 2007-10-24, 08:55
by blugenwitz

that was for 10 years of Z... now its 11, and game still rules. On my computer, at least.

Posted: 2007-10-24, 15:38
:D :D Holy shit, is that thing real? I wanna wanna want one!! It's so cute!

Posted: 2007-10-24, 20:04
by blugenwitz
I wish. It's not a big deal, 'coz I got it pretty good modeled, but it's virtual.
I can onnly give a scene file (in modo format).
After posting I saw that somebody make a few impresive models. I'm very happy that this forum still alive. long live Z! :).

Posted: 2007-10-24, 22:20
That's some impressive modelling, man. I thought is was an actual toy you put together or got ahold of or something.

I was clearly not fully awake at my previous post. I overlooked two things:

1) Welcome to the forums! :cheers:

2) This isn't about Z2, so I'm moving the topic.

Re: Tribute to Z

Posted: 2014-11-08, 20:09
by Endrio
I can onnly give a scene file (in modo format).