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Posted: 2006-09-20, 07:37

Posted: 2006-09-27, 09:47
by z1luver
i`m trying to get this game for some time now, checked maaaaaaaaaaaaany sites, torrentsites, hub networks etc. but its goddamn hard to find something called "Z".. but its just sooooo great damn =(

Gonna try that demonoid site if the torrent is still up, but cant register unless on weekends and probbably it will be down :cry:

Please help another poor guy..

Posted: 2006-09-28, 16:48
by Tilli
Yeah and please help me!


Posted: 2006-10-02, 15:24
by SpaceOne
For all of you:


You need to be registered. (i have 4 invites....)

Posted: 2006-10-02, 20:45
by z1luver
thanks thanks thanks!! i love you!! give me your babies!!! =)))
tho i`m a bit worried because noone seeds that torrent :(

Posted: 2006-10-02, 23:00
by SpaceOne
Yeah, I guess that seeder (rambogym) has a slow connection, but trust me, you'll get it. It's worth to wait couple of days for this game, isn't it? :).

And don't thank me, thank rambogym, I just want you to notice this.

Posted: 2006-10-03, 17:11
by Danny
There are two copies on E-Bay at the moment.

Posted: 2006-10-03, 17:21
by Tilli
I am new to the Torrent-Community and I'm getting the following error message:

"Error regarding Z95+EXPANSION KIT: Aborting the torrent as it could not connect to the tracker while not connected to any peers."


It would be great if anyone uploads the entire ISO file to RapidShare, yousendit, etc.

Posted: 2006-10-16, 16:04
by seb
I have the same problem!
It's really a pitty since I love this game :(

/edit Oh, I tried it with Azureus, a torrent-prog, and now i have a rate of 28kbs... :)

Posted: 2006-10-21, 14:07
by Dumnorix
finally i got connection, too. :cheers:

after opening the ports in my router for udp and tcp, and after running the azureus config wizard it seems to work.
so much time and effort for a single download...
...but i really need mor z levels :)

Posted: 2006-10-22, 15:27
by Dumnorix
yesterday in the evening i made 52% of the file. i switched off the computer and continued today and i dont get connection any more :(. somehow azureus put out some kind of error message, saying it wasnt closed properly and let me run the wizard again. i set everything the same but it doesnt work any more. how to check if the problem is located at my machine?