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Since Z95 is not on sale anymore here is the place to trade, sell or let others know if you find a spot where you can get your hands on it.

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Tanel K
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Post by Tanel K » 2006-12-20, 19:18

First of all, you need a program names "VMware" or what was it, Microsoft Virtual Machine thingy.

Download it and set it up.

To install windows 98 there, you need the win98 boot disk and install CD. Get those from somewhere as well.

You can try to find several guides on the net about these previous steps.

Once you have managed to boot the virtual machine, you're 99% done and can probably continue yourself :)
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Post by buman » 2006-12-21, 01:09

I think I?ll try this all in the X-mas-holidays. If I get it work finally , I?ll ride a tutorial and post it in here (maybe with little pictures^^).
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Post by XStrategy » 2006-12-21, 10:11

Yes, buman, it will be usefull and helpfull guide for all of us, thank you
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