How can i get z? please help me..

Since Z95 is not on sale anymore here is the place to trade, sell or let others know if you find a spot where you can get your hands on it.

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How can i get z? please help me..

Post by zphua » 2008-07-28, 17:43

Hi eveyone,
my name is Hee Long
i am a roller skater
i'm a player from Siangapore.
i play z many years ago, and i love it so much,
i have downloaded the game on other website so many times,
install and reinstall so many times,
still cant play it....
can you please help me?
i'm using window XP
and my e-mail is
if you could help me, please e-mail me where can i download it,
many many thanks~
really hope to play it again!!
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Re: How can i get z? please help me..

Post by raventah » 2008-08-01, 15:02

here.. u can get this for free..
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Re: How can i get z? please help me..

Post by zyro » 2008-11-22, 22:27

Hi i just came across this site after i found my old Z (for DOS) box in my cupboard! (moving house)

I realize there is actually a Z95 version with XP support with what 15 extra levels!? How great is that? The only thing not so great about that is i cant get it thru rapidshare as it is banned in singapore. Also tried the megaupload link but the iso is apparently corrupted.

I have completed Z (Dos) twice in the last 2 days using Dosbox and am looking forward to testing out the new levels in z95. Can anyone send me a copy of their z95 iso? :idiot: pretty pls? :cheers:

as mentioned earlier, rapidshare doesnt work in my country due to our ISPs transparent proxy regulations, so could someone upload it into this website instead? Thank you! :mrgreen:
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