Z: The Game iOS version 1.3

Another sequel? A re-release of the Original? Revamping Z95 to ZXP? Let us and the Bitmap Brothers know what we would like to see tomorrow.

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Z: The Game iOS version 1.3

Post by FreakNigh » 2011-08-13, 17:29

Z The Game 1.3 Update:

1. Unit Damage: Robot units defensive strength fixed. Units now will be able to survive more than one shot (toughs especially).
2. Graphical enhancement: A red hand wagging a finger is displayed when you order a unit to do something it can’t do. Example, direct a unit to attack own fort.
3. Group Selection: alterations to stop accidental orders being sent after a pinch.
4. Graphical enhancement: Fort burning graphical effects added. When you shoot a turret of the enemy fort with a tank the fort slowly starts to burn.
5. Game AI: Shot avoid logic. Higher promoted units will correctly attempt to avoid projectiles.
6. Game AI: cranes can now repair completely destroyed buildings.
7. Game AI: Repair facilities now correctly repairs damaged units.
8. Graphical Fix: APC entry and exit, no longer get invisible APC animation.
9. Graphical Fix: Pyros now correctly burn the ground when they shoot.
10. Game logic: Gun entry and exit confirmed to work as expected.
11. Fixed issue with final level achievements not being recorded.
12. Fixed the black screen at the end of the game after the final video.
13. Graphical fix: Corrected portraits shown for Sniper, Pyro, Psycho and Lasers
14. Various Graphics tweaks, notably to the speaking head when he dies.
15. Fixed some small memory leaks.
16. Fixed a mapping bug, all tiles are now detected correctly.
17. Graphical Fix: Smoke trails from missiles now more closely follow the actual missile.
18. Graphical Fix: Health of a recaptured vehicle now displays correctly.
19. Terrain Bug: Blown up vehicles no longer have super strong armour.
20. Gameplay: Fix for game logic speed bug.
21. Gameplay: Fix for bullets passing through objects. Bullets should not pass through large obstacles such as hills.
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