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by hearnia_2k
2021-05-20, 20:40
Forum: Zed Online
Topic: Port to Nintendo Switch?
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Port to Nintendo Switch?

Since this is SDL, I was curious if there is any chance of someone porting it to the Nintendo Switch? I feel like this game could work really well on the switch, and if I understand correctly, since it's SDL it should be reasonable to get it running on a Switch? Unfortunately I'm no programmer, but ...
by hearnia_2k
2012-01-09, 10:59
Forum: Z Expansion XP
Topic: Z Expansion 1.7 beta
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Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Hi there, Thanks for this great mod, it's really great - like everyone else here I love the game itself, and just wish to play at better resolutions! Whenever I try to play WinZMod on my Windows 7 64bit Atom 1.3GHz machine, which has an ATI HD6450 I find that it is very slow when playing in fullscre...