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by kandrachoff
2021-04-11, 00:19
Forum: Zed Online
Topic: some custom maps to download???
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some custom maps to download???

Hi folks. someone have some custom maps to share with the Zod team??? :D :) :P
i just play a thousand times each map and i want something new :lol:
by kandrachoff
2019-10-11, 03:05
Forum: Zed Online
Topic: ZED Online - a fork of the Zod Engine
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Re: ZED Online - a fork of the Zod Engine

very good game this Z online is!!! miss Z game from 90s when i was 8 years old! now... : :P ...i was having some probems with: save options changes like mousse config, save games, etc bridges destroy problems stucks of units, all the time robots do not conquer flagsclose of them 1 to 20 levels cant ...
by kandrachoff
2019-10-11, 02:55
Forum: Z:2 - A new Sequel
Topic: the junk yard
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Re: the junk yard

wanzer wrote:
2019-06-20, 00:58
I cant find a active address of any of the original staff to let them know what im doing
I have been on and off this project for nearly 2 years now?
I don't think anyone is really paying attention anymore :(

"the crusade marches on" o/ >.<
8) 8) 8)