What new units would YOU like to see?

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Re: What new units would YOU like to see?

Post by Blade_sword » 2015-04-09, 18:31

I know this is an old thread, but lots of people were suggesting things that were already in the sequel Steel soldiers. If I sum up the units of that sequel since there isn't much info here.

Robots - 8
01 Psycho - 1 500 -Basic infantry with machine gun moderate Fov and Range low damage
02 Pyro - 2 000 - A bit more powerful, but can't shoot air units and do damage over time
03 Tough - 2 500 -Missile launcher Unit, slow and extremely powerful against tanks, very good damage and fow but low RoF
04 Laser - 4 000 - Very powerful infantry unit with laser machine gun, lasers can damage multiple enemies in a row as long as they are in the laser's target
05 Technician - 3 000 - weak and relatively fast unit able convert almost all units and buildings
06 Sniper - 4 000 - light unit with the best range and one of the best FoV, only unit that can kill vehicle drivers except APC
07 Explosives Expert - 4 500 - medium robot that throws grenades, it can also lay mines and put anti structure explosives
08 Spy - 5 000 - Stealthy robot with unmatched line of sight equipped with a shotgun for assassinations, spray viruses into buildings.
09 Construction Robot - 4 500 - Builds and repair structures and can also repair ground units

Tanks - 10
01 Jeep - 2 000 - Basic exploration vehicle armed with a light machine gun, they are quite well armored for a light vehicle and have a good FoV
02 A.P.C. - 3 500 - An amphibious troop transport vehicle unfortunately the units can't shoot when the vehicle is on water, one of the bests vehicles combined with the proper infantry loaded.
03 Light Tank - 2 500 - A twin machine gun tank effective against a lot of basic infantry units and against not well armed air units
04 Medium Tank - 4 500 - A light cannon tank with moderate FoV and Range
05 Heavy Tank - 6 500 - With quite a crappy FoV It have a powerful explosive main gun
06 Mortar Tank - 4 500 - One of the first artillery vehicles with one of the best ranges for its basic level its crappy FoV makes spotting units quite essential to ensure a good effectiveness
07 Mobile Missile Launcher - 7 000 - Less range than the mortar tank but can't fire one the move, it's quite better in defense than offense with the proper spotting units, its missiles are homing unlike the plasma of the mortar tank
08 Mobile Radar Jammer - 3 000 - Serves to jam radars, detect invisible units such as the spy
09 Disrupter - 10 000 - Very powerful tank, but useless in combat, it serves more as a long range bombardment than anything else due to its long delay before firing
10 Shockwave - 12 000 - Similar unit as the disrupter except this one relies on indirect fire and has the longest ranges it can pretty much clean a wide zone from ground and eventually surrounding air units

Air - 6
01 Scout - 3000 - A twin machine gun light helicopter good FoV and moderate range
02 Attack Helicopter - 4 500 - A missile based Helicopter, very useful against armored units, but needs to be reloaded after it has fired all its rockets in an Air Hangar
03 Transport helicopter - 5 000 - An aerial unit transport, it can transport infantry and tanks anywhere on the map
04 Wasp - 6 500 - A laser based flying machine, it has similar effects as the laser robot, but it needs a sort of cool down between long bursts of fire.
05 Fighter Bomber - 10 000 - The bombers can be only used once and can be destroyed with any anti air defense, this one drops a bomb with a virus.
06 Stealth Bomber - 15 000 - This one drops many bombs in a wide area, ideal to destroy buildings, it requires a spotting unit to bombard an area

Sea - 5
01 Gunboat - 3000 - A twin machine gun boat with very good range
02 Destroyer - 5 000 - An artillery boat a bit like the mortar tank with more weapons
03 Cruiser - 4 500 - A sea to air boat that can lay sea mines and jam radars
04 Battle Cruiser - 10 000 - Very powerful boat with moderate FoV and long range guns it's armed with 4 plasma gun turrets
05 Missile Boat - 14 000 - It's a bit a sea version of the shockave but it can shoot a missile directly and then needs a long cooldown its missile is a sort of a cluster bomber and needs to be reloaded after some shots in a shipyard

01 Anti Tank Gun - 3 000 - Basic anti ground automated defense good against tanks and isolated infantry units
02 Anti Air Site - 4 000 - Basic anti air defense, very good spotting structure as it has the best FoV of the whole game.
03 Heavy Gun - 8 000 - Artilery defense, needs a spotting unit to perform well.
04 Antimissile Site - 12 000 - Big defensive structure and best AA defense can shoot air units as well as missiles and bombers
05 Gun Platform - 10 000 - Big automated defense with good FoV, good range and good damage
06 Shield Generator - 14 000 - Generate a powerful shield around units and structures in a certain range
07 Environment Control - 15 000 - A sort of super weapon who needs a spotting unit to strike with three different strikes like lightning, meteorites and a shockwave, this building can't be captured.
08 Teleport - 20 000 - A sort of big stargate that can drop 4 units anywhere as long as it's on the FoV of a spotting unit, this building can't be captured
09 Bunker - 4 500 - A building that can protect infantry while they can shoot enemies, abandoned bunkers can be captured with any infantry and doesn't belong to anyone unless it's loaded with an unit
10 Defense Tower - 6 500 - A bigger bunker that can load 6 units

01 Command Center - N/A - Strategic building with sometimes guns on it. Produces construction robots
02 Robot Factory - 4 000 - Produces Robots and reload robots
03 Radar Station - 3 000 - Detect units within a long range with a little actual FoV, gives access to the minimap
04 Vehicle factory - 5 000 - Produces Ground vehicles
05 Storage - 3 000 - Upgrade credits storage
06 Air Hangar - 7 000 - Produces, reloads and repair Air Units
07 Refinery - 12 000 - Enhance resource productivity and adds 2000 credits of additional storage
08 Research Facility - 12 000 - Allows basic upgrades of firepower for everything, speed and armor for units and building resistance (4 upgrade of 3 000 credits up to 3 levels)
09 Shipyard - ~8 000 - Produces your naval units, reloads and repair them.

The game allows you to have a resource rate which upgrades with the quantity of terrain you capture, I know that Zed purists will probably hate this, but you can build pretty much any thing in any terrain as long as you have enough space and of course if the said terrain is yours.
I personally didn't hated that because it allowed someone with an inferior number of terrains to recover and not being amputated because that terrain had a specific powerful factory in it.
You had more freedom in the gameplay and the game was still relatively well balanced mostly after the patches.
The main problem of the game that is reminiscent from its prequel was the fact that the unit AI wasn't great, that the 3D added a certain difficulty within the defense sometimes it feels like if the geometry impeded to fire while it doesn't ...
Well it was Z with a bit of modernization and unfortunately less humor, though it kept the simplicity of the original game while keeping the terrain capture intact.

Now to come back with the point of the thread of suggesting units.
Steel soldiers have minelayers have "medics", have air and naval units.

Personally I would have liked to see an AA tank or probably have something around

Like having an AA - radar tank while the rater system is quite long range and its AA weapon as well the FoV is pretty low, so it will need a spotting unit to perform long range AA shots.
I think the weapon should be a constant beam laser
An other thing is a tweaked light tank with a Gatling which will fire faster and faster where there is more and more units to fight in a short period of time and an AA missile
The gatling is medium range for every level and the Missile is very long range but very slow.
Then the medium tank should be an average all around tank with its auto cannon.

I do like the mortar robot a lot, but I think I would like to make it an AA / Mortar with a deploy mortar while being a more mobile AA infantry
I also do think that a jumping jeep with a very light APC capability (1 - 2 ) units could be great it will be lighter than the jeep and have no weapons and a very good FoV

I would like also a a nice Gatling turret, but in fact I think in Would rather see a cheap turret base and then you build the weapon(s) on its top with 3 levels like basic for light spots and areas were we can only build those then bigger for or better defence or better spotting due to height differences

For example they make up for:
Light base
AA site
Anti tank gun
Medium Base
Auto cannon
Beam AA Cannon
Guard Tower (bigger pillbox)
Heavy Fortress
Shield Generator
Ultimate weapon
Laser cannon
AT Railgun

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Re: What new units would YOU like to see?

Post by guyverthree » 2015-09-21, 13:34

Yeah the AA ability of most of the units does need some tweaking.

I think the credits changed the gameplay for a lot of people.

But i think this mechanism is sometimes needed for the mutliplayer abilities of the Z.

However i think that we could see a situation where we could have both gameplay types, both the time based Map and the credit based maps.
Because they both offer different types of challenge.

The AI would need improving so it's a little more advanced as well.
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