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Forum Rules

Posted: 2008-02-09, 00:14
by Zod
Hi ZZone Forum Users,

I guess we all understand that we are in a community here. Like in any other community, certain rules belong to the good manners that one can expect from each other. Before you post here, please make sure you follow ours:

Freedom of speech
Every member has the right to say what he thinks. All opinions are equal; treat other opinions as you would treat your own.

No flaming, no bashing
Please behave in a civilised manner, and don't insult anyone.

No discrimination, racism or hate
Posts that are discriminating, racist or posts which imply hate to other members or to certain groups will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Everyone is equal.

No spam
Spamming, making meaningless posts, posting adverts or anything else unrelated to the forum (in title, post or signature) will result in posts being modified or deleted, topics locked, members being warned or even banned outright, depending on the spam's nature.

No porn or shock images
Porn does not belong here. The same goes for shocking or gruesome images or any other pictures with lots of gore. Any posts with pornographical or shocking content will be deleted immediately, and members may be warned or banned, depending on the content.

No links to illegal content
Do not link to illegal content. Even though the ZZone is not responsible for external content linked to, we do not tolerate such references. If you are unsure whether a certain resource is legal or not, rather don't link to it. The public has read access to this forum.

Keep on topic
Keep in line with the topic's subject; try not to let the discussion wander off. If a discussion wanders off, create a new topic. If a topic wanders off too far, it may be split or locked.

Don't repeat what has been said
Don't start a new thread unless you are certain that there are no previous threads about the same, and that you are not simply repeating what has been said in an older thread. If you don't know if a certain subject has been addressed before, use the search function.

Don't double post
If a thread you created gets little attention, don't post another identical thread or repeatedly post in your thread in an attempt to draw attention. Just leave it. There is probably a reason people have not posted in your thread in the first place! If you want to update you previous post because of some recent development, just edit it to reflect the news.

Do not post in old threads
If a thread did not get any new posts for a while, then it is probably no longer interesting to any of the board's members, or its content is no longer relevant. Don't bring it back up by posting in it, unless you are absolutely sure that the thread is still relevant. If you revive an old thread, the problem the thread was about might have been solved long ago, or people might have simply forgotten about it entirely. So don't revive old threads unless you really have to.
If you have technical issues that are exactly the same as those in an old topic, and the solution in the topic doesn't help you, feel free to revive it. If there is no solution however, this won't really help you. Posting a solution to a matter that has been solved already won't help anyone much either.

Be brief and modest in your design
Lengthy threads have the tendency that they are not fully read. Stick to the point you want to make rather than risk that other members miss information by just browsing through a long text.
Also, don't overload your post or signature with too many or too large images.

If you follow these rules, you will have good time here and get the best out of our community.

Best regards,