Z levels list

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Z levels list

Post by BallWin » 2008-08-27, 08:17

The Z (DOS), Z-COOL, Z_DOS_XP have 40 levels:
-- 20 single player and 20 multi player.

The Z95, Z95 for XP (Antares Patch) have additional levels:
-- 15 single player and 35 multi player.

The list of levels of a Z (DOS), Z-COOL, Z_DOS_XP:

****** Z (old DOS levels) ********
Single player
1. Virgin Soldiers (level01.map) Desert
2. Psychos oldiers (Level02.map) Desert
3. Death Valley (level03.map) Desert
4. Desert Islands (Level04.map) Desert

5. Hot Nuts lands (Level05.map) Volcanic
6. Sooty Bolts (level06.map) Volcanic
7. Pyro Technics (level07.map) Volcanic
8. Molten Kombat (level08.map) Volcanic

9. Slippery Jim (level09.map) Arctic
10. The Wall (level10.map) Arctic
11. Chilly Willy (level11.map) Arctic
12. Heavy Metal (level12.map) Arctic

13. Hot n Steamy (level13.map) Jungle
14. Restoration (level14.map) Jungle
15. Swamp Fever (level15.map) Jungle
16. Light Brigade (level16.map) Jungle

17. Car Park (level17.map) City
18. Bridge Game (level18.map) City
19. Mayhem (level19.map) City
20. Z (level20.map) City

Multi player
Desert Remix LEVEL26 2-players
Desert LEVEL33 4-players
Desert LEVEL40 3-players
Volcanic LEVEL 27 2-players
Volcanic LEVEL 35 4-players
Volcanic LEVEL 38 3-players
Volcanic LEVEL 39 3-players
Arctic LEVEL 22 3-players
Arctic LEVEL 24 4-players
Arctic Remix LEVEL 28 2-players
Jungle LEVEL 23 4-players
Jungle Remix LEVEL 29 2-players (Light Brigade)
Jungle LEVEL 37 3-players
City LEVEL 21 4-players
CityRemix LEVEL 31 2-players
CityRemix LEVEL 32 2-players (Bridge Game)

****** Z95 (new additional levels) ********
Single player
21. Just Deserts (level41.map) Desert
22. Sandy Shore (level42.map) Desert
23. Sun Kissed (level87.map) Desert

24. Arson About Z (level43.map) Volcanic
25. On The Rocks (level44.map) Volcanic
26. Cinder Cut (level88.map) Volcanic

27. Frostbite (level45.map) Arctic
28. Ice Station Z (level46.map) Arctic
29. Ice N Easy (level89.map) Arctic

30. Get Swampy (level47.map) Jungle
31. Muddy Waters (level48.map) Jungle
32. Poison Ivy (level90.map) Jungle

33. Downtown (level49.map) City
34. City Slickers (level50.map) City
35. Urban Sprawl (level91.map) City

Multi player
Desert EXP level61
Desert EXP LEVEL66
Desert Remix level71
Desert Remix level77
Desert Remix level82
Volcanic EXP level62
Volcanic EXP level67
Volcanic Remix level72
Volcanic Remix level78
Volcanic Remix level83
Arctic EXP level63
Arctic EXP level68
Arctic Remix level73
Arctic Remix level79
Arctic Remix level84
Jungle EXP level64
Jungle EXP level69
Jungle Remix level74
Jungle Remix level80
Jungle Remix level85
City EXP level65
City EXP level70
City 1 Remix level75
City 2 Remix level76
City Remix level81
City Remix level86
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