Z:Steel Soldiers Version info and patches here...

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Z:Steel Soldiers Version info and patches here...

Post by Spuddy2000 » 2009-09-01, 10:10

For your info here are all of the Z:Steel Soldiers versions I could find on the internet:-

Z: Steel Soldiers v1.01 - 21/05/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.17 - 20/06/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.20 - 26/06/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.22 - 10/07/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.30 - 11/07/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.41 - 21/08/2001
Z: Steel Soldiers v1.41b - 08/08/2001

Anybody know of any more?

And here are all of the UK patches I could find in one archive (25megs):-

The password is zzone

The archive contains patches one to four (finding patch one was very difficult)
Using the patches upgrad Z:SS as follows:-
1) Patch 1 v1.00 to v1.17
2) Patch 2 as above to v1.2
3) Patch 3 as above to v1.3
4) Patch 4 as above to v1.41b

Save games may not work when upgrading to versions 1.2 and above!!

I hope someone finds this useful.
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Re: Z:Steel Soldiers Version info and patches here...

Post by MaDDoX » 2011-07-10, 22:59

I have "one more", but it's a developer, unreleased version that the BBs sent me right before dropping the game. It's got sensibly better performance and desyncs much less than 1.41b. I'm not sure I can share it though, since it ignores the cd-check / copy protection. My balance patch only works with it as well, so if I'm ever releasing it I'd better figure that one out :)
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Re: Z:Steel Soldiers Version info and patches here...

Post by plib » 2011-12-31, 01:49


Do you think that it might make any sense that you drop Mike Montgomery or the likes an email to quite simply ask whether this version could be published (or even better if they have one that is even newer...). At the same time one could ask him about the possibility of adding further graphics modes to the options menue (like e.g. 16:9 or 16:10 for current monitors/TVs).

Otherwise, all the best for the new year.

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