Z 2014 - Game Updates

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Z 2014 - Game Updates

Post by KISSMAD » 2014-07-18, 10:25

This post updates once updates become available

Update: 17 July 2014
http://steamcommunity.com/games/275530/ ... 3163683178

Time for another update
17 July - Bytrix
It's update time again! We've collated all of your feedback and have worked through some of the more complex issues that were stopping some people from playing the game. We hope this update improves things for all of our players and we hope to update the game again with low level fixes and gameplay changes in the future.

The changes for this update are listed below:

- Fixed crash in level 14.
- Improved game logic on bridges.
- Added windowed mode and fullscreen toggle.
- Added screen resolution selection.
- Fixed issues with multi-display setups.
- Fixed issue where mouse input was offset.
- Fixed robot portraits not displaying correctly.
- Fixed mouse input issue on right side of screen.
- Made FMVs play full screen and at original aspect ratio.

Please let us know if this update has improved things for you and please remember to leave us a review if you're happy with the game.

We're taking note of all feedback from our players and would also like to know if you have further suggestions for improvements that we can work on for future updates to the game.


Update: 10 July 2014
http://steamcommunity.com/games/275530/ ... 2889050932

First Update Released
10 July - Bytrix
We're happy to announce that the first update for Z on Steam has been released!

We've taken on board all of your feedback and have fixed some of the major issues players had enountered, including:

- Windows XP Support
- Swapped default actions of left and right mouse buttons (added inverted option if you preferred them as they were).
- Made the minimap appear by default (tap the bottom right icon if you don't see it).
- Fixed some issues with mouse responsiveness.
- Smoothed out and adjusted the auto-pan scrolling.

Your feedback has been greatly beneficial and we plan to release further updates in the future to fix other common issues people are encountering as well as actual gameplay bugs. We'd love to know what you'd like to see in future updates too, so let us know.

Thanks for playing!
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Re: Z 2014 - Game Updates

Post by Parlamenter » 2014-08-05, 20:25

This is a port from IOS. As I remember - mouse accuracy was very important to win. If I've got ipad mini then how can my fingers do such work... Hm.. :?:
Anybody present in multiplayer on IOS?
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