Patch - October 3rd 2014

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Patch - October 3rd 2014

Post by Bytrix » 2014-10-05, 17:59

We've pushed out a patch for the game on Steam and have also submitted this version to GOG:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Technicians not capturing buildings.
- Fixed compatibility issues with certain older video cards.
- Performance improvements to rendering.
- Fixed startup crash on devices with non-Latin characters in username
- Fixed music playback to reduce repeats.
- Fixed minimap in tutorial bug.
- Fixed missing heroes due to case sensitivity bug.
- Fixed corrupted save game bug.
- Extended the new shadow code to work on more machines.

Graphical Improvements
- Robots now show team colours.
- Improved character animations.
- Enhanced particle and environmental effect.
- Bridges enlarged.
- No-go areas updated.
- Animals spread out and added more.
- Fixed various floating objects.
- Added Zod icon.
- More lights on certain buildings.
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Re: Patch - October 3rd 2014

Post by XStrategy » 2014-10-31, 16:52

Thank you, great update! Are there any plans for a full sequel of original Z?
Z and only Z1
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