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Custom user interfaces

Post by DaMarkov » 2019-07-08, 15:38

A lot of people asked for different user interfaces. I didn't spend any time on that, but starting with version 0.2 the user interface is at least customizable.
To change the user interface follow these steps:

1) Download the "unpacked" UI. Either from here: (that is the user interface of version 0.2)
The most recent on is always available at the repository: ... resources/

2) Remove (or better rename) "ui.packed" in your Zed installation (next to Zed Online.exe).

3) Put the unzipped files files in the zed installation folder. Next to Zed Online.exe should be a folder named "ui" and in the folder should be a file named "index.html".

To change the user interface you can change the .html files. The user interface uses standard HTML + CSS an tiscript (a dialect of javascript).
For example if you want to get rid of the yellow background. Open file "index.html" at "background: linear-gradient" change "gold" to something else.
Or replace it with url(background.png) to replace the background with a picture.

Afterwards you can use the same steps as above the share your user interface with other people.
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