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ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2009-03-25, 13:39
by Meeky
ZEdMap is an extended version of Z Editor, to be more exactly the patch (so it does not work without game being installed). The patch can run from any location, but if the game is not correctly installed then copy it to Z installation folder where original ZEditor resides.

In this version the following changes to the ZEditor behavior have been made:
-- Removed obligatory balance of start units. From now on there is no restriction on exact number and type of starting units for all players. Ones you started a sequence of placing a given start unit you can continue with the same color of the unit until the limit of 12 units is reached. To change of color of the unit select "Insert -> Switch team" menu, it does not happen automatically as earlier. (Don't be embarrassed if after selecting, for example, blue team, the picture in the dialog remains the same, due to the fact, that in the resources there is only red-faced units)
-- Sliding navigation on mini-map. You can scroll around the map the way it is done in the game: click and hold left mouse button, then move the cursor over the mini-map window.
-- Optimized CPU consumption
-- Multilanguage support. Implemented algorithm of selecting correct language of among available in the ZEditor executable resources.

Planned modifications for the next release:
-- Ability to create/edit SINGLE player maps
-- Remove maximum limit of four guns in any one territory.

For discussions in russian, follow this link:

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2009-07-28, 15:34
by Meeky
Added feature: MAP-files are saved without compression (file size = 98202 bytes).
Download link:

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-02-13, 14:33
by Meeky
Hey, guys!
With this ZEdMod version you can easily edit standard single player levels.
Here are two steps:
  • Ones you decided which level you're going to edit, copy appropriate level**.exp file (you'll find it in the attached archive LevelsEXP.rar) to the level folder.
    For example, for the first level "Virgin soldiers", you'll need to have level01.exp among other level files in LEVEL01 folder BEFORE running ZEdMod.
  • Extract ZEdMod.exe to Z installation folder (by default, it's C:\Program Files\Bitmap Brothers\Z) and run it with one the following command switches:
    /sp - for editing single player levels (preserves start units)
    /sp_exp - for editing single player levels with new start units
In the editor, open required level and when you're done with it, press "Save" button ignoring any warnings.
That's all!

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-02-13, 16:02
by comm.Zod
Nice work Meeky ill try this out:D

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-02-13, 16:27
by lil' T
Good work, especially the CPU consumption fix, without which you couldn't use the editor in a virtual machine. If someone wants to be able to edit all aspects of a level easily, your tool should be the first choice for he will graphically see what the level will look like.

Anyway, I will further develop ZHacker for those who do not have or cannot or don't want to run Z95. Also, for those just starting with programming can take a look at the source code. If you want, you can also contribute to it.

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-06-08, 19:07
by triggerhappy
Hi folks!

Since Z is a great game I'd like to create my own custom single player maps. Unfortunately the build-in ZEditor is only restricted to multiplayer maps. :(

I've tried the ZEdMap but I cannot get it started. Every time I try to start it, it says that the program has to be terminated because of an error.
It seems to me, that the file is corrupted or something like this...

Where can I get the right ZEdMap file which is properly working? :roll:

Thanks in advance!

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-06-08, 19:14
by comm.Zod
to make single player lvs you gotta use Z tools :D read about it here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=448

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2010-06-18, 19:52
by triggerhappy

I got my own mission now but the ZEditor has to little possibilites to make the level a bit more exciting :(

When you compare the single player campaign maps with your own maps you see that there are things that can't be placed with the ZEditor (like chasms, water decorations... ).
Is there a way to do this?!

Re: ZEdMap (ZEditor modifcation)

Posted: 2018-04-16, 01:16
by rabidsnypr