Zod Engine Windows 10 Multiplayer LAN

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Zod Engine Windows 10 Multiplayer LAN

Post by tangodownNZ » 2021-07-22, 10:31

Hi all,

I am trying to get Zod Engine to run on Windows 10. I would like multiplayer to go over LAN, but I can't even get the game to play.

Just another note. Mike Nigh says that you can play multiplayer with both Local or Nighsoft server with Zod Engine. Does anybody know how to setup the local one, for playing multiplayer within the same house using the same router.

Seems to be fairly simple. Start a local game, uncheck AI players, then start another game and type the address of the computer running the first game in the connect address field.

tangodownNZ wrote:
Thank you very much for your help ZellSF.

I only have the original Z disk. I think I need the Z expansion disk, which I didnt know existed. Is there a free copy somewhere online. I checked but couldn't find.

The Z Expansion disk was never made freeware. And since they're currently trying to sell an inferior remake, I don't think it's happening soon either.

I'm still having trouble with this and can't get any support from Mike at Nighsoft. The project website says, for any questions visit the forum. But the forum website doesn't work and hasn't for a while.

I can get the game to the "Loading" screen. It gets to 100% and thats it, the game does not start, and I need to force close it. Can somebody please see if they can get this game going, and tell me what they put in the boxes. I have put the IP addresses in but the game still won't run. I just want to play a local LAN game. The game will not run even with no other players selected, so just playing against the computer.

Do I need to enter in the engine settings, player name and password ect

Any help would be great.
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