Play Z online test with Hamachi Virtual Server

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Play Z online test with Hamachi Virtual Server

Post by Lanval » 2006-01-08, 23:29

I think I've figured out how to play Z online multiplayer. Does anybody want to give it a try? Download Hamachi Virtual Sever here:
Email me and I will put a server online and email you back with the username pw info. You will then logon Hamachi, start Z and connect as an IPX network game. It should work. Ive tried it with the game PC game Risk, and it worked great. Lets give it a try.

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Post by Guest » 2006-01-09, 04:32

it does work and i know it does...

some1 posted in another thread that they played it over Hamachi virtual LAN :)

so, it works and we can play Z online :) :cheers:
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Re: Play Z online test with Hamachi Virtual Server

Post by Sam67 » 2015-07-22, 12:39

I just read your thread on the forum.
When I think of a Z it's always with Dosbox and Hamachi. Does it suit your version ?
Where are you from ?
I'm french and I can connect/play from 10am to 12am and from 2pm to 7pm
If you can give it a try beware that we 're bound to lose a lot of time trying to get connected together.
As a geek I do it so rarely that I always need a (more or less) time to remember the tasks to achieve but a LAN is always welcome.
Also, I'm not a good player even if I know Z for years.
Is your proposal still on air ?
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Re: Play Z online test with Hamachi Virtual Server

Post by tangodownNZ » 2018-02-04, 07:00

Hi, I want to play Z multiplayer. Do you still know how to do this.
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