ZED Online preliminary highscore page

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ZED Online preliminary highscore page

Post by DaMarkov » 2019-05-06, 21:05

I proudly present the preliminary highscore page for ZED Online:


Currently, I still have to update the page manually. I will have a script running that updates the page every few hours eventually.

Every player is ranked for each map according to their completion time.
1st get 100 points
2nd get 97 points
3rd get 95 points

and then 1 less point for each rank. So apart from the first two spots it's a linear scale.
With 35 maps there is a total of 3500 points each player can get.
If a tie occurs both players share the same rank, but with the upcoming version the completion time will be more accurate, so it's unlikely that this will happen anyway.

Overall champion is the player with the most points.
Have fun playing!

Overall comments&suggestions about the ranking are welcome!

EDIT: I am now running a small script on a server that should update the website every hour.
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